Taos Bakes

We’re here to shift the conversation from over-analyzing nutritional facts and health claims to celebrating and upholding taste as the most important aspect of any culinary experience…

“Because life is too short to eat dirt.”

Hover Energy

At Hover Energy, we exist to accelerate the transition to renewable energy by bringing it to the forefront of the power conversation and to transform people’s relationship with the energy they consume by making it more visible, secure, and accessible.


OXIGEN takes functional water to the next level by boosting it with oxygen and pH balanced with electrolytes – all to help you Recover + Rise. OXIGEN is one of the first national brands to use 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.


Data Gumbo’s smart contracts offer a new approach to commercial relationships — where every transaction is accurate and certain, touchless and automated. GumboNet™ is a massively interconnected industrial smart contract network secured and powered by blockchain.

WatchFire Ventures

The Watchfire thesis is simple: we look for products that solve “sticky” needs, that plan to execute an innovative and exhaustive omni-channel route-to-market strategy, and that have a structural competitive “cheat code” in the core DNA of the business.

Arcadian Capital

Headquartered in the center of the cannabis phenomenon, Arcadian is a leader in cannabis venture capital and one of the only cannabis funds in the United States focused on ancillary services only.

WildLife Partners

Wildlife Partners is an innovative wildlife conservation company, whose model marries the desire to do good for the world with economic incentives. Through this approach, landowners in Texas and beyond have learned how to convert their private ranches into cashflow-producing wildlife sanctuaries.

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