Patrick George, U.S. Marine Corps Officer and Managing Partner of Beachwood Ventures is an entrepreneur at heart. He shares the story of his personal and professional growth while emphasizing the importance of pairing the Veteran network with building your technical skillset.

Hover and Aggreko are working together to bring wind power closer to those that need it most.


Hover Energy partners with the Royal Marines to bring wind and solar integration to the United Kingdom’s military bases.

Hover Energy is excited and humbled to introduce our Hover 4.0 Wind System, creating a way for businesses and government agencies to generate green energy onsite in the built environment.

Steph Curry and Oxigen Water

“It shouldn’t take a famous athlete to convince you that recovery matters. But it helps make the case.”

CEO & Founder of Gameday HR, Katrina Ghazarian, at Tedx explores why we are not seeing women occupy c-suite positions. Specifically, drawing attention to the lack of women in HR roles.

Arcadian Fund Founder and CEO Matt Nordgren sat down with Phillip Shum to chat about his experience as a pro quarterback and his perspective on team building and investments, his funds’ criteria for cannabis investments, and defining the consumer opportunity in Cannabis.

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